The Brimley/Cocoon Line

You might recall the 1985 film Cocoon as a rare science fiction movie about elderly people in a retirement home. One of the stars, Wilford Brimley, was only 49 years old when he got the part! When Cocoon was released on June 21, 1985, he was a mere 50 years, 9 months, and 3 days old (he died last year at the age of 85). To highlight the age anomaly of Brimley’s Cocoon casting, the Brimley/Cocoon Line Twitter account was launched. The feed marks the day that celebrities reach the same age that Wilford Brimley was when Cocoon was released.

But why should celebrities have all the fun? Lindsey Smith, inspired by the Twitter feed, has posted an online calculator so that you can figure when you will cross the Brimley/Cocoon Line. I tried it, but got too tired clicking back to my birth year. Besides, I crossed that line long ago. -via Laughing Squid

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Source: neatorama

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