The Cage Gauge: 100 Nicolas Cage Movies Ranked

Last month, we linked to a ranking of Nicolas Cage’s best nine movies over at Pop Culturista to celebrate the actor’s birthday. While any such list is an invitation to argue because it’s so subjective, that list mainly suffers from being short. Cage has done more than 100 movies, so why not rank the top 100? The Cage Gauge does just that. Note at the top of the page that the list comes in three links. This list includes feature films, direct-to-video movies, animation, documentaries, and at least one TV pilot.

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The Cage Gauge is an ongoing project by Luke Buckmaster. Every time a new Nicolas Cage movie comes out, the list is adjusted, and the bottom movie may fall off the top 100. So when Renfield opens on April 14, Left Behind will probably disappear from the list. We don’t know what movie disappeared yesterday.

Buckmaster explains how he ranks the movies here. For example, Fast Times at Ridgemont High wasn’t left off the list because it was bad, but rather because Cage’s role was so small. With the exception of a couple of agreed-upon masterpieces, the ranking is very different from the one we posted for Cage’s birthday. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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