The Case of the Bottled Penis

Emergency rooms are often confronted with a case of a penis injury or some object stuck in a bodily orifice, in which the patient has some outlandish explanation for their predicament that no one believes. Imagine having to consult a doctor for such an embarrassing problem with a perfectly good scientific explanation and still having trouble making them believe you? Of course that is usually secondary to getting the problem taken care of. The patient in this case was way more frightened than embarrassed, we presume. And in pain.

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The strange case was found in the 1857 book A Collection of Remarkable Cases in Surgery. A young man went to a doctor because his penis was stuck in a bottle. The opening of the bottle was only three-quarters of an inch in diameter, but his penis was indeed inside, painfully swollen and turning black. The doctor had to break the bottle in a scary maneuver. The explanation for how it happened was a pure accident, just plausible enough for the doctor to recreate the circumstances to test if it were possible. Well, not all the circumstances- the doctor used his finger in the recreation, and even that seemed ill-advised to me. What happened was an extreme version of this (SFW) video, except it involved volatile chemicals. Read the entire account in a transcription of the case at Boing Boing.

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Source: neatorama

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