The Cave-Dwelling Crocodiles of Gabon

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Ten years ago, a team of scientists went exploring into the rainforest of Gabon, and ventured into a cave. In the pitch-black, bat-infested interior, the scientists came face to face with a terrifying creature with big glowing eyes and bright orange scales. It was a crocodile.

Crocodiles rarely inhabit caves, and this malevolent appearance threw the scientists off feet. Luckily, the creature was as surprised as the men, and it scurried off into the darkness. After exploring more than 600 meters of cavities, the researchers spotted a total of nine crocodiles living in inhospitable environment. There was no light inside the caves, everywhere there was bat droppings, and there was little to eat. They also found that some of the crocodiles were trapped inside by narrow openings and deep pits and with no way to get out.


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