The Coffee Brand That is a Total Lie

Most coffee brands are named after someone or something, like Folgers or Maxwell House. Then there’s Chock full o’Nuts. There’s a name that really paints a picture, but who wants to drink a coffee made of nuts?

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“Chock full o’Nuts” is a weird name for a coffee brand, and no, I’m not talking about the odd choice to have a lowercase “f” or to totally omit the second “f” and instead replace it with an apostrophe. It’s a weird name for a coffee because while nutty coffees like a hazelnut blend may be good on occasion, that’s probably not what you want to lead with.

But more to the point, it’s a weird name because Chock full o’Nuts isn’t chock full of nuts at all. If anything, the opposite is true. There are no nuts — none! — in Chock full o’Nuts.  

What the coffee does have is an interesting story behind it, which goes back to 1926. Read how Chock full o’Nuts coffee ended up with such a strange name at Considerable.

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