The Combar: A Designey Bushcrafting Multi-Tool

The Combar is a bushcrafting multi-tool invented by ex-Israeli-Special-Forces veterans and realized by Prime Total Product Design Studio.

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The tool combines an axe, hammer, spade and a magazine in the handle that you can store small objects in; alternatively, you can opt for a survival knife and folding saw (separate items) to take the magazine’s place.






The product video’s a little overblown, but gives you a better look at the pivoting mechanism in the head:

You’d think pivoting parts would be a no-no for working in gritty conditions, but the company says they’ve tested the product by “pouring sand into every opening” with no ill effect.

The designey device runs a hefty $600 with all the trimmings, though you can buy less expensive versions by deleting tools. If this is your thing, it’s here.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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