The Convercycle: A Bicycle That Transforms to Cargo Bike Length

The last time we saw a transforming bicycle, it changed its wheelbase to alter ride height:

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German bike manufacturer Convercycle, however, has designed a bicycle that can change its wheelbase for cargo functionality:

It’s a clever design, right down to the way the fender flips backwards. It’s also nice that the placement of a child seat doesn’t interfere (much) with the cargo area.

The Convercycle can carry 180kg (nearly 400 pounds) in the cargo bay, and an optional electric motor in the front hub gives you the oomph you’d need to move it.

And of course, in its compact form the Convercycle can do something a regular cargo bike can’t: It easily fits in an elevator or on the subway.

The base model runs €2,599 (USD $3,162), and the e-bike version is €3,799 (USD $4,621).

Source: core77

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