The Coway Airmega 250 Is a Sleek, Simple and Effective Air Purifier

The Coway Airmega 250 Is a Sleek, Simple and Effective Air Purifier

Sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to air filtration and purifiers, where a larger intake, fan and filter surface can make a notable difference in removing unwanted contaminants quickly. Korean appliance brand Coway’s previous effort, the Airmega 150, won us over with its combination of minimalist, decor-friendly design and quiet efficacy (the compact design was also the recipient of numerous industrial design awards, including a 2020 Good Design Award and iF Design Award, which never hurts). Their sequel the Airmega 250 is styled similarly to blend into a room, arriving with a few upgrades and a larger size.

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The new Airmega 250 is not only noticeably larger than the Airmega 150, it also includes a newly designed washable “EZ Release” pre-filter as part of the purifier’s 3-Stage Filtration System, activated carbon filter and Green True HEPA filter engineered to capture and inactivate 99.999% of fine dust, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and pollen, down to the 0.011 micron. Coway also claims their filtration system inactivates and kills up to 99.99% of viral, bacterial and fungal contaminants, all trapped by the filter.

The Airmega 250 also offers Auto, Sleep and Eco modes with a 1, 4, 8 hours timer setting. Perhaps most helpful is the inclusion of a Rapid mode that supercharges the fan to max power when instant relief is required.

The design itself remains noticeably similar in shape with dimensions stretched to a wider form (18.5 x 19.7 x 8.3 inches), permitting a larger intake and greater filtration surface within, and designed with the appearance of furniture rather than a home appliance (markets outside of the US will be offered two colors and two design options compared to the single champagne beige finish sold here). Unsurprisingly, this sequel design is also nominated for a 2021 design award for its sleek and inoffensive home appliance form.

The Airmega 250’s larger size means the unit can effectively scrub an interior space up to 930-square feet twice every hour, with a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 230 for pollen, 249 for smoke and 261 for dust. A slide out pre-filter is easily accessible from the top, with the entire front opening for access to the other two filtration elements for replacement or cleaning.

Coway also added a larger Real-time Air Quality Monitor display on the top of the Airmega 250, using a four color system to communicate good (blue), moderate (green), unhealthy (yellow) or very unhealthy (red) air quality at a glance; a smaller indicator lights up when either the Pre or Max2 filter requires replacement.

The only thing missing in our book is wifi network compatibility and app integration (both for scheduling and air quality monitoring), but Coway notes later this year they plan to release an Airmega 250S – a wifi-connected iteration of the Airmega 250 that will introduce compatibility with Coway’s Mobile IoCare app and voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Home, with the likelihood of app-integrated air quality monitoring and reports adding utility.

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