The ‘Crafty Fun Group’ Celebrates Crafting And DIY, And Here Are 52 Of Their Best Pics

Everyone should have at least one hobby in their lives. It’s incredibly satisfying to create something with your own hands, not just buy and consume stuff in your spare time. Whether it’s quilting, knitting, crocheting, painting, jewelry making, woodwork, pottery, or any of the hundreds of other incredibly fun DIY hobbies people around the entire globe embrace, the fact of the matter is that crafting is an absolutely great way to pass your free time.

It’s a fabulous way to disconnect your mind from any worries that you might have, all while bringing a smile to someone’s face when you share your creations with your loved ones.

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The ‘Crafty Fun Group’ is a massively popular Facebook group that celebrates crafty and DIY things. We’ve collected some of their most impressive photos to inspire you to let your imaginations loose as well, Pandas. Remember to upvote your fave pics as you scroll down! And we’d love to hear all about what you enjoy crafting in your spare time, so don’t be shy and drop by the comments.

#1 Crochet Bearded Dragon

Image credits: Ksusha Tota

#2 It Took Me Almost 3 Years To Collect The Fabrics For My Jar Quilt!

Image credits: Sue Mestek Nodine

#3 I Like To Paint On Rocks, And Hid Them Near Hospitals, And Where People Can Be Walking And Find Them

Image credits: Candyse Barb

The ‘Crafty Fun Group’ is a ton of fun, and it reminded us just how great we feel when we forget all about work/school/family issues and just focus on creating something cool.

Completely giving in to your artistic side—whether it’s just for 15 minutes each day or a few hours at a time—is a form of meditation. And it’s a reminder that people are meant to do far more than just work, eat, and sleep all day long. We’re meant to do greater things than just survive. But thriving means carving out some time for activities that you’ve been putting off for a while now.

#4 Slide Curtain

I love waking up to this every morning. When my parents died we inherited all of the family slides. My daughter drilled holes on all 4 sides and bought large jump rings and made a curtain out of it for my window. Depending on the position of the sun throughout the day it reflects the most beautiful patterns onto the walls and floors

Image credits: Renata Espanata

#5 Costume I Made For My Grandsons

Image credits: Wendyann Barnshaw-Krupa

#6 Sloth Plant Hangers!

Image credits: Hillary Johnson

The team running ‘Crafty Fun Group’ points out that if you don’t like someone’s post, you should scroll on and avoid arguing and cursing. What’s more, there are absolutely no sales allowed. As for politics? Forget about it! There’s no room for political bickering on this Facebook group. You can take it elsewhere.

“Please be polite and treat people like you want to be treated!” the team behind the group asks their members to remember the Golden Rule.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#7 Old Sewing Machine Refurbished Into A Sink

Image credits: Mariam Baghatrishvili

#8 A Gift I Made My Grandpa For His 80th Birthday!

The nickle is from the year he was born, quarter is the year he married my grandma, and the pennies are the years that his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were born. Plus various items representing his hobbies and things he likes to spend time doing

Image credits: Terra Rebeck

#9 A Whole Village Made Of Driftwood

Image credits: _anya_sol

If you love the photos and plan on becoming a member, you’ve got to follow the rules. Starting with what pics you share. Everything you post has to be related to the things that you’ve hand-crafted in one way or another. In short, the Facebook group is a place to show off your best and support other DIY creators, too… and have fun while you’re at it!

Self-promotion, however, is strictly forbidden. “Self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links aren’t allowed. We don’t allow private messages for selling/buying purposes. We allow Etsy Sellers to include their store links if they participate in our Affiliate program. If you are interested to use our affiliate Etsy link, contact the admin team,” the folks running the group point out in their rules.

#10 My Crocheting

Image credits: Beata Bylinka

#11 Handmade A Resin Cake Stand With Real Freshly Pressed Flowers

Image credits: Sarah Taylor

#12 I’ve Been Wrapping For Few Years Now And This Is The First Year I Make Pumpkins!

Image credits: Claude Mclellan

“We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required,” the ‘Crafty Fun Group’ team writes. They add that irrelevant posts will not be approved. So keep it crafty, all the time!

#13 Adorable Old Tire Snowman I Love This Idea For Up-Cycling Old Tires

Image credits: Tako Inasaridze

#14 Every Fall For The Past 3 Years Lesa Ritchie Has Been Creating Hay Art In Her Front Yard

Image credits: Tako Inasaridze

#15 Neat Way To Display Your Toy Cars

Image credits: Uno Sandvik

Not too long ago, Bored Panda spoke about hobbies, crafting, and DIY with Dr. Paul Bones, a sociology assistant professor at Texas Woman’s University. The academic works with wood as a hobby, and shared with us what keeps him passionate about what he does.

“I love woodworking for many reasons. I’m a disabled academic, so having the ability to make something tangible, something I can see and hold helps keep me grounded. And relatively sane,” he said.

#16 Make A Paw Print Christmas Tree For A Keepsake! Give Moose Some Love!

Image credits: Vefxo Odishelashvili

#17 DIY Costumes For A Trunk Or Treat Party Yesterday. The Joy Of Painting!

Image credits: Brandy Schiefer

#18 My Husband Is A Welding Fabricator. He Built Me This Table Out Of Scrap Metal, Chain, And Wood

Image credits: Nancy Webb

“I also like how there is so much to learn and so much to make. I started turning pens, then went into bottle stoppers, then bowls. Lately, I’ve been working with inlay rings and knives. It’s just a lot of fun learning new skills, applying them, and watching myself improve. It also gives me time to just sit with myself, disconnect from deadlines and emails, and be more present in the moment. That’s what keeps me glued to woodwork,” Dr. Bones shared with Bored Panda during an interview, earlier.

#19 Amazing Chain Saw Carving By Ryan Villiers! Wowza!

Image credits: Funkiture Gifts & DIY Studio

#20 Always Wanted To Try My Hand At Some “Artsy” Furniture, My First Attempt

Image credits: Robert Carlson

#21 Had To Share This Rose My 11year Old Granddaughter Made. You’ll Never Guess What It’s Made From…. The Wax From Baby Bell Cheese!

Image credits: Barbara Stainkamp Woerner

The professor noted that, in his opinion, adaptability and patience are key things to have for any woodworker.

“Woodworking is a skill you have to hone; no one starts out as a master craftsperson. Also remember there are so many types of woodworking: woodturning, furniture building, carving, knife making, ring making, box making, etc. It may take a while to find the type of craft you like,” he said.

#22 I Learned How To Make Hearing Aid Charms (Also Referred To As “Hearings”) For My Daughter

Image credits: Audrey Rendon

#23 A Flower I Made With 117 Screwdrivers

Image credits: Keith Dorn

#24 This Is My Sons Makeup Look! I Have To Say I’m A Proud Mom! He Has Better Skills Then I Do. Lol

Image credits: Tina Hosack- Heesch

Dr. Bones said that anyone who wants to start working wood can take the first steps by watching some how-to videos over on YouTube. These should help newcomers decide what niche they actually want to focus on.

“While you’re watching, think about what kinds of craft work with your temperament and existing skills. For example, I do not have the patience for hand carving or furniture making. But turning small items like pens, rings, bottle stoppers, and bowls? Those are fast enough projects where I can have a finished item in no time, and there’s enough variety that I won’t get bored,” he said.

#25 My Almost 90 Year Old Mother Is On Hospice And We Are Preparing For An Estate Sale. I Couldn’t Sell Her Broaches. Too Many Memories So I Made This To Always Remember Them

Image credits: Kathy Schmidt Fabos

#26 A Royal Engineer Soldier, Serving In Afghanistan, Sent Me His Uniform, And Asked If I Could Put In On An Armchair For Him, He Is Away, Such A Lot, But Coming Home For Christmas, This Is For His Mum To Sit In When He Is Away, How Wonderful Is That?

Image credits: Nino Gigolashvili

#27 Bottle Cap Sunflowers

Image credits: Malkhaz Buzhaidze

“There’s an old adage that a poor craftsman blames his tools, and that’s mostly true. Woodworking tools can be very expensive, and in some cases, price does equal quality. However, there are a lot of garages and shops full of topline equipment that can only produce mediocre items. Having the right tool for the job is really all that matters. Once you have experience with it, you’ll know when it’s time to upgrade. That’s a skill too,” the woodworker told Bored Panda.

#28 I Am Fiberartist And These I Made Of Wool

Image credits: Jelena Salonen

#29 Crochet Myself A Monstera Plant That Won’t Die

Image credits: Connie Rockliff

#30 Just Wanted To Share My Latest Pencil And Guoache Drawing

Image credits: Shantel Palmer

“I started woodworking after a couple of cross-country moves for work. I needed a table and a desk. I didn’t have a lot of money at the time. I had worked in a furniture shop for six years prior to going to grad school, so I had practical experience putting items together,” he told us.

“A trip home for a funeral introduced me to life-edge wood, and after playing with it for a while, I was hooked. I didn’t have the room (or the patience) to build furniture all the time though, so a friend suggested a lathe to me. After making like 50 pens, my wife demanded we start trying to sell what I make.”

#31 My Son And I Made Halloween “Lollipops” For His Class Tomorrow. 2 Plates Pocket With A Few Things Of Candy, Glow Sticks As The Stick, Then Tissue Paper And Construction Paper As Decoration

Image credits: Felisha Smith

#32 Jim Deboer 92 From Iowa Made These All Out Of Wood. They Have Movable And Removable Parts. Each Takes Between 80 And 100 Hours To Complete

Image credits: Artistic freedom

#33 Just Wanted To Take A Minute To Show Some Appreciation For My Uncles Amazing Skills!

Image credits: Randy Marlow

#34 Best Halloween Decoration Ever

Image credits: Gillian Foster

#35 I Finally Got Them All Done!

Image credits: Melanie Pearson Caffarini

#36 I Made Some Angel Necklaces From Vintage Silver Plated Spoon Handles!

Image credits: Renee Jordan

#37 Each Year My Boys Choose A Costume And Then I Crochet It For Them! 7 Years Now! This Year They Chose Chickens Who Accidentally Ate Toxic Waste And Grew Oversized

Image credits: Stephanie Pokorny

#38 I Don’t Have Money To Buy New Fabrics, So I Used What I Already Had In My House, Please Don’t Criticize

Image credits: Mustapha Chakik

#39 A Beautiful Chrysanthemum Tree On Display At Kingwood Center, A Fabulous Garden Located In Mansfield, Ohio

Image credits: Tako Inasaridze

#40 After 7 Hours Prep. My Girls Won 1st Place At Their Halloween Party

Image credits: Niki Anna Martin

#41 I’m Sharing My Crocheted Mini Version Of My Dog Zelda

Image credits: Melinda Ella Swinimer

#42 A Drawing I Did Using Coloured Pencils

Image credits: Athula Dissanayake

#43 I Found This Old Very Heavy Piece Of Wrought Iron At A Flea Market For $10.00, Knowing I’d Figure Out Something To Do With It

I never post much of what I make, but this was one of my favorite things I’ve done. I found this old very heavy piece of wrought iron at a flea market for $10.00, knowing I’d figure out something to do with it. And wouldn’t get a deal like this again. I stared at it for about a year. Lol and then finally made it into something. It has 8 glass coasters, found in a resale shop for $1.50 for 4.. Total of $3.00 for all 8 coasters. I bought remote control disk lights. So I wouldn’t have to hard wire it. Bought some glass looking dangles and silver metal ribbon and voila!!! I had so much fun making it. All in all I’d say I have about $65.00 wrapped into it

Image credits: Brenda Morningstar

#44 My Piggy Pumpkin With Butternut Squash Piglets For The Office Contest

Image credits: Ashley Bruce

#45 Create A Spooktacular Display For Halloween!

Image credits: Tako Inasaridze

#46 I Do Leather Work

Image credits: Carrie Dowell Witt

#47 Made A Keepsake From Granmas, Great Grams And Great Great Grams Dollies

Image credits: Rose Kovalik

#48 DIY Halloween Decorations

My father always criticized my mother for her taste for Halloween. As time went by, they ended up getting divorced, after a long mourning over the divorce, my mother decided to give herself a new chance in love and what was the surprise that we took one afternoon when we returned home… Here I show you our beautiful decoration this year made by my mother’s wonderful boyfriend

Image credits: Shareableo

#49 My Absolute Favorite Craft I Did With My Kids!

Image credits: Jennifer Arias

#50 I Finished Another One Of These Braided Cowls For A Christmas Present This Week Only 2 More To Go

Image credits: Morganne Sawyer

#51 So You Know Those Chairs That About 1 Out Of 3 Americans Owns For About 3 Years Until The Fabric Gives Way? The Ones You See In Yards Piled Up And Waiting For The Landfill. Here’s How You Can Recover Them

Image credits: Flash Industrial Painting

#52 My ”Pump”kin This Year Haha

Image credits: Katelyn Carver


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