The Curse of King Casimir IV Jagiellonian

Casimir IV Andrew Jagiellonian was one of the most successful rulers of Poland, who, having defeated the Teutonic Knights in the Thirteen Years' War, reclaimed one of Poland’s most important cities off the coast of the Baltic Sea, the city of Pomerania. It was under Casimir’s tenacious rule that the Jagiellonian dynasty became one of the leading royal houses in Europe. Upon his death in 1492, Casimir’s wife, Elizabeth of Austria, commissioned the German sculptor Veit Stoss to carve a tomb for the dead king. Casimir was interred in the Wawel Cathedral’s Holy Cross Chapel, and in 1496, Stoss completed the tomb. Elizabeth herself was interred in the same tomb beside her husband when she died in 1505.

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The sarcophagus of King Casimir IV Jagiellonian. Photo: Virtual Museums of Małopolska


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