The Curse of the <i>Viking Sally</i>

A Finnish cruise line bought a ship in 1980 and named it the Viking Sally. Its first six years as a cruise ship were uneventful, but in 1986, a man met two strangers in a bar, and was brutally murdered in his cabin later that night. Police found the perpetrator, who later escaped from prison and murdered again. In 1987, two passengers were sleeping on the deck when they were attacked. They were taken to a hospital where one of them died of his injuries. It was 30 years before the perpetrator was discovered, but he was never convicted.

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Was the Viking Sally cursed? The ship was sold and renamed, but it was the same boat that ran into a massive storm in 1994 and sank, killing 852 people. It was the second worst European maritime disaster outside of war, only surpassed by the Titanic. Only 137 people survived. Read the story of the Viking Sallyat Atlas Obscura.

(Image credit: Mark Markefelt)

Source: neatorama

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