The Dadosaur

This father took entertaining his kids to the next level. His intense impression of a dinosaur not only has made his kids entertained, but also the Internet. His alter-ego, ‘Dadosaur,” wakes up when his kids mention its name. His wife may seem unimpressed, but everybody else seems to be very impressed at how he would do anything to keep his kids entertained, as the Blaze details: 

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The videos first appeared on Tik Tok under the handle @olivemannella and quickly spread through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Yahoo News described the sensation as “a seemingly mild-mannered father (who) transforms into a cake-eating monster at the mere mention of his name.”

On Twitter, one user reacted by telling her followers, “y’all are so blessed to have dads in y’all life’s…especially the fathers who entertain you.” Another declared, “Dadosaur is the best thing on the internet.”

image screenshot via The Blaze

Source: neatorama

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