The Definitive Guide to 2019’s Deluge of New Christmas Movies

There are 91 new Christmas movies available this year, almost all of them made for TV. They can be found on the Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, Netflix, and a few other outlets. Most of them have already premiered, but will be shown again and again (check your cable listings), and streaming services have them on demand. Vulture has a synopsis of all of them. You can have fun with this list without even watching the movies, by matching them up with John Atkinson’s Christmas Movie chart. Within those parameters, they vary by flavor from cinnamon to peppermint. And sometimes they are even self aware.   

A Christmas Movie Christmas (UPtv, October 27 at 7 p.m.): This Christmas movie is about a fan of Christmas movies named Eve who finds herself transported into a Christmas movie (in this, a Christmas movie) on Christmas Eve. This is both a genius premise and a prime opportunity for me to endorse one of my favorite movies of the decade, Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie, a teen beach movie about teens on a beach who get sucked into a teen beach movie within the teen beach movie.

Read about all 91 movies, many of them with trailers, at Vulture. -via Digg

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