The Design Milk Team Celebrates National Pet Day!

The Design Milk Team Celebrates National Pet Day!

Though we all know it’s really every day if you’re a good pet parent, National Pet Day is this Sunday, April 11th. Lots of us on the Design Milk team are pet lovers down to the core, so we thought it would be fun to share a few of our pets and just a little bit about them, including their pick from our Pets shop section that they either own and love or would like to give a test run! These cats and dogs are the stars, we’re just along for the ride.

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orange cat and woman

Kelly Beall, Senior Editor and Art Director
Pet’s Name: Remy
Age: 1 year old
Breed: orange tabby cat

Remy’s favorite toys are things that aren’t cat toys or things he knows he’s not supposed to bother. I always ask him if he’s a space alien because he’s the most chaotic cat I’ve ever met!

Given the choice, Remy would want to try out the Desco Wood Cat Feeder by MiaCara. His favorite thing in the world is food, whether it’s meant for him or someone else (animal or human), and this would be the perfect way to continue his journey towards connoisseur.

pet feede

black and white dog and woman

Jaime Derringer, Chief Creative Officer
Pet’s Name: Goose
Age: 2 1/2 years old
Breed: Boston Terrier

We think that Goose might be a goat.

I have two recommendations. One is this Curly Knit Sweater by Max-Bone that makes Goose look like a sheep. He’s not thrilled about wearing any type of clothing, but I couldn’t help myself! My second pick is this MEOW LUXE Bowl + Stand by Bendo, of which I own three. They’re very easy to clean, which is great when you have two slobbery, messy mutts!

pet bowl and stand

grey cat and man

Gregory Han, Tech Editor
Pet’s Name: Eero
Age: just turned 18!
Breed: Korat, rescued from the Pasadena Humane Society

She’s named after Finnish-American designer, Eero Saarinen (her feline frenemy is named Eames, a blind 20-year-old tabby). Korats were once a traditional Thai wedding gift, representing good luck for newlyweds, and for this purpose she has lived up to that reputation as a bringer of great fortune and happiness in our lives.

Both of our felines are bona fide seniors (18 and 20 years old), and we’ve become especially aware/concerned about how comfortable they are around the house, so we have a multitude of pet beds. This Pink Terrazo pet cover and mattresse by Laylo Pets is not only soft and supportive, but also large enough so both of our cats have enough comfortable space to call their own without the hiss-and-slap bickering. Also, we like this design because it matches a small patch of wallpaper in our hallway.

pet mattress and cover

two dogs and a man

Matthew MacDonald, Social Media Manager
Pet’s Names: Tanner and Juno
Ages: 5 (Tanner) and 4 (Juno)
Breeds: Labrador mix (Tanner) and Collie/Heeler mix (Juno)

Juno grew up wild on a reservation in Taos, New Mexico and is an expert at scavenging for food (abandoned pizza slices on the sidewalk, trail snacks from unassuming hikers, etc.). Tanner is a skilled rock climber, but would rather spend his days lounging on the couch watching 90s cartoons. (I’m serious, he loves Hey, Arnold!)

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Feeding the dogs has always been a matter of practicality, and that’s reflected in the hodge podge collection of tools I use to dish out their breakfast and dinner (mismatched IKEA dog bowls, random rubber food scoop). Now that we’re all getting a little older it’s time for a feeding kit with some charm, and the Mogo Light Grey Feeding Kit by Boo Oh is perfect!

pet feeding kit

brown tabby cat and woman

Dixie’s photo by The Fix Photo Group

Dixie Duncan, Director of Strategic Partnerships
Pet’s Name: Twyla
Age: she’ll be 3 in June
Breed: domestic short hair tabby

I swear she’s got some Bengal in her…

When my daughter rescued Twyla in February, I immediately scoured our Shop for the appropriate Welcome to the Family gift, which turned out to be her Ray Felt Cat Bed by Wiski Cat. It doubles as a snuggly spot for cat naps (of course she wouldn’t let us grab photographic proof) and the perfect hiding place for her favorite toys.

pet bed

>>> Shop the rest of our Pets collection and pick up something special for your own pet to celebrate National Pet Day! <<<

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