The Desired Future of the Next Generation: Redefining Mobility

Sponsored and conducted with Advance Design Division of Honda R&D Co., Ltd., in partnership with Pratt Institute, La Fonte Co., Ltd. and Core 77, the Design Schools Workshop will take place for the first time as part of WANTED during ICFF at the Javits Center, May 19-21, with a welcoming day hosted at SVA on May 18.

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Mobility often translates to automobiles, vehicles, and machinery. However, we are looking to expand the term mobility to what potential concepts mobility can become. The students will be invited to use storytelling tactics, think intrinsically, and dream big.

The participating students from the 7 schools will be organized into teams of 4 or 5 students. Each teammate will bring fresh perspectives, unique ideas, and varied backgrounds. The students are also encouraged to take this to their advantage, break out of their norms, listen, engage, and gather insights from those who surround them to push their process to new levels.

Participants will maximize their creativity through collaboration and also learn how to use generative AI to explore creativity.

“Over the years, Pratt Institute has maintained an exceptional collaboration with WANTED, especially noted during the Design Schools Workshop. This year, we are honored to join forces with WANTED, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. and La Fonte Co., Ltd. for an engaging workshop on our campus. A select group of Pratt students explored the future of mobility using an innovative method developed by Advance Design Division of Honda R&D Co., Ltd., which integrates AI into the design process. We eagerly anticipate extending this valuable workshop to the upcoming edition of the Design Schools Workshop, fostering an inclusive setting for design students from Europe, Latin America, and the United States,” comments Ignacio Urbina Polo, Chair | Industrial Design Department at Pratt Institute.

Schools participating this year:

California College of Arts (USA)
CENTRO (Mexico)
Ecole Camondo (France)
ENSCI Les Ateliers (France)
Ohio State University (USA)
Pratt Institute (USA)

The Design Schools Workshop space at the Javits Center is sponsored by MOLO, Visual Magnetics, Teak NY, and Montana.


Why is it important for Honda Design to host the WANTED Design Schools Workshop, part of ICFF 2024?

We recognize that the future is becoming more unpredictable than ever before. This is not only felt by us but by people around the world. Under such circumstances, how to create future value is a major theme. The future cannot be created only by us manufacturers, much less by designers. This workshop is an opportunity to think together with the next generation who will create the future, and to keep the engine turning that will drive us to create a better future.

Can you share a little bit about the Honda Design studios and your role?

I joined Honda Design in 1992 and already have over 30 years of creative experience. Originally I was an exterior styling designer for Automobile. Through product development, I learned the importance of user value and conceptualization. Currently, I lead the design team at Advance Design Studio and focus on visions and concepts for frontier areas (robots, flying things, etc.) for 2030 and beyond.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Can you elaborate on the workshop topic “The Desired Future of the Next Generation” and the brief that is given to the students? The role of AI?

In this workshop, we are hoping to support participants in creating the vivid future story they envision with their own hands. This is a new attempt to present Honda’s value creation methodology, which is always driven by dreams, to a new generation of future creators. We also recognize that there are still many unknowns in generative AI, and that some people may have a sense of aversion or fear. We believe we are still in the process of exploring its potential. We will adapt generative AI as a technology that treats people’s accumulated knowledge as data and extends their creativity, and we will also provide opportunities to explore ways to interact with this new technology.

What is the most important thing you are going to ask the students to focus on?

It is collaboration. By creating together with new friends from around the world that the students will meet at this workshop, they will expand their ideas and have the chance to present their proposal as a team. We expect each one of the students will envision their dreams, and challenge the process of turning them into the story.

What do you think may be the most challenging part? And the most exciting outcome?

Although the workshop is limited in time, we expect a different level of output. During the course of the workshop, the students may worry that their ideas will go off the rails, or that they will lose track of them due to eccentric ideas. However, as they gain experience in creating processes using generative AI, they will be able to think more freely and expand their creativity. I think they will be more positive about the future.

Do you have any additional comments you would like to add?

The future is full of possibilities. Challenge your dreams, and the results will follow!

The final presentation of the workshop will take place at ICFF on the Main Stage on Tuesday, May 21, 2-4pm, at the Javits Center.

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