The Devil’s in the Details of These Dark Miniature Scenes

Artist Frank Kunert makes beautiful miniature scenes, but they each have something weird going on. The doorway above opens up to a small but nice balcony for a little fresh air, and it’s only when you look at the ground below that you see how deadly it is.The scene below is a little more obvious.

Every dumb thing we humans do in this modern-day ‘civilized’ world is laid out in excruciating detail in these miniature scenes by artist Frank Kunert – not to mention our fears and anxieties. A row of public toilets is placed on a stage so strangers can watch you poop. A bride and groom poise at the end of a diving platform far too high above a pool, their friends and family watching below. A children’s slide empties onto a highway, and a bassinet is equipped with a desk so the little one can get to work as soon as possible. Pipes funnel human waste straight from the toilet upstairs into a television set, and a balcony projects into the path of a train.

See a selection of Kunart’s works at Web Urbanist.  -via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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