The Difference Between Pudding and Pudding

British folks have blood pudding or black pudding, and they also have Christmas pudding, which are nothing like each other, and nothing like what Americans put into a chocolate pie. So why are they all called pudding?

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Adam Ragusea explains the different kinds of puddings. Beware, the European pudding began as a sausage, and that is explained in a way that… well, let’s refer to the saying “If you love sausage and you love the law, you don’t want to see either being made.” Then eventually pudding became more than just sausage, and the word was highjacked to mean a sweet soft dessert with all manner of things in it. Ragusea even makes one from a 17th century recipe. But the evolution continued in a different way in the United States, where our pudding eventually became more liquid with fewer things in it.

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Source: neatorama

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