“The Dive Has Me Crying”: Fans Troll Kim Kardashian Over Photo Of Her Diving In Shallow Water

It’s no secret that the Kardashians love their vacations, as Kim Kardashian once said it herself (literally). “We love love love vacations,” the reality TV star said while sharing an Instagram story of herself posing in swimsuits with her sister, Khloe Kardashian, and friend, Lala Anthony.

Kim’s latest trip to Turks and Caicos made waves on social media after the reality TV star posted a series of pictures online from her beach getaway. One particular picture from the series had the internet buzzing with conversations, with some netizens roasting her for what appeared to be a diving attempt.

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Kim’s beach trip had the internet buzzing with conversations over snaps of herself enjoying a splash on a beautiful sunshiny day

Image credits: kimkardashian

The media mogul captured the internet’s collective imagination with one diving picture captured in shallow, knee-deep water.

As expected, the snap triggered a tidal wave of jokes and concerned comments from her followers. Fans also flooded her comments section with lighthearted jabs about how she might earn herself a head injury from trying to dive in waters so shallow.

“Why is she diving in knee deep water?” one questioned, while another asked, “Did you hit ur head when you dove in?”

“Girl where r u jumping ????” a third comment said.

“You can’t dive in that shallow ahh water,” another said in the comments section of her vacation snaps.

Another wrote, “Baby that water is shallow as hell I know bc I’ve been to Turks on those sand bars, wyd diving??”

Kim Kardashian’s diving attempt had people roasting the media mogul, saying: “That water is shallow as hell”

Image credits: kimkardashian

Among the comments was one from Khloe, who said: “I can’t handle the hotness.”

Others in the comment section were more concerned about whether Kim had her earring in place, making a humorous reference to the pop culture icon’s hysterical reaction to losing her earring during a vacation with her family in Bora Bora, shown to the world in a 2011 episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (KUWTK).

“My earring’s gone!” the SKIMs founder said as she panicked in the episode. “F—! Oh my God, I’m gonna cry. My diamond earring!”

The scene from the reality show went down in pop culture history as one of the most recognizable moments, with Kim’s face turning into a widely shared meme and Kourtney’s famous quote—”There are people that are dying, Kim!”—also going viral.

Many fans humorously asked Kim if she lost her earring, making a reference to her hysterical reaction in a 2011 KUWTK episode

Image credits: kimkardashian

Following her latest vacation snaps from Turks and Caicos, fans jibed at the earring fiasco and joked, “Where’s the diamond earring?”

“Kim!! Did you lose your earring?” one said, while another quipped, “Did she find her earring?”

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“Kim, there’s people that are dying,” another joked and rounded off the earring jab on her post.

Last year, Kim addressed how her reaction to famously losing her $75,000 earring in the 2011 KUWTK episode has led to fans always leaving comments about losing or finding an earring whenever they see a picture of her in water.

“Ugh, this gets so old,” she was quoted saying during a GQ video of her clearing up rumors for an “Actually Me” episode.

“Any time I’m in water, people will ask me if I found my diamond earring in the ocean,” she went on to say.

“I don’t know if I showed this on our show, but Kylie [Jenner] found the earring. So, she dove in the ocean, put on goggles, found it, and then she went back and found the back of it. That’s how clear the water is in Bora Bora, so, guys, the earring has been found,” Kim added.

“Any time I’m in water, people will ask me if I found my diamond earring in the ocean,” the reality TV star once said

Image credits: kimkardashian

Kim once poked fun at herself by referencing the iconic earring scene while sharing snaps of herself and her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, during a vacation in 2021.

“Kourtney lost her earring in the ocean so I helped her find it,” Kim said.

During the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of KUWTK in Sept. 2017, Kim explained why she had such a melodramatic reaction to losing the earring in the now-iconic scene from the reality show.

“Okay, can I explain that earring?” Kim said. “For years for my birthday, I buy myself a birthday present, and I had upgraded that pair of diamond studs. Worked really hard…”

“Is this a relatable story?” Khloé asked.

“I mean, it’s not relatable, but it’s what I went through, and it’s why I was crying, so I’m just being honest,” Kim went on to say. “[They were $75,000] probably, or more. But I don’t have them anymore, so no one come look for them. Anyways, I had just gotten them, and I didn’t insure them, and imagine if you don’t insure something and it’s gone, I just threw that money [away].”

In 2023, the fashion trendsetter told the world she doesn’t care about getting her nails and hair messed up while she’s out on a splashy vacation.

“We usually are the adventures [sic] ones when on vacation and will jump off any boat, swim with whales and sharks and not care about our nails and hair getting messed up,” she wrote in an Instagram story last year.

Kim Kardashian’s latest picture of the diving pose in Turks and Caicos sparked a wave of comments, including one warning her about a potential spinal injury

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