The Dreaming Clouds of Wu Mountains, 2005

The Dreaming Clouds of Wu Mountains, 2005
Wed, 09/08/2021 – 19:21

This work incorporates a symbol of rope braiding—a traditional folk art—into the landscape. The twisting parallel lines were executed with a special brush that the artist invented by dividing the hair of a wide brush into several subgroups, thus generating several thin lines of paint. The upper mountains were painted on crumpled paper. By manipulating the line, form, and space, this fantastic and majestic dreamscape emerged from the artist’s unique style and technique.

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© Estate of Chu Ko, photo: Maurice Aeschimann, Geneva


Chu Ko
China, 1931–2011, active Taiwan
The Dreaming Clouds of Wu Mountains, 2005
Ink and colors on paper
Promised gift of the Foundation Ink

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