The Easter Egg Hunt that Got Out of Hand

David Griner tells us the story of that time he and a few friends decided to have a private Easter egg hunt. They only had a couple dozen eggs, but they hid them in the most inaccessible places they could find among the trees and boulders of Monte Sano Park in Huntsville, Alabama, right before the hunt was supposed to begin.

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And that’s why Griner found 100 or so families waiting for the Easter egg hunt to start when he emerged from the woods after hiding the eggs. You can read the whole story in this Twitter thread, or at Threadreader. It might even be true, but that doesn’t really matter, because you’ll be glad you read it. -via Metafilter

PS: There’s another great 8-Tweet Easter egg hunt story in the comments.

(Image credit: Laslovarga)

Source: neatorama

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