The Electric SiDO Bon Kettle

The Electric SiDO Bon Kettle

An electric kettle is an essential piece of equipment in any tea or coffee lover’s repertoire, with the temperature of water playing an important part in the eventual flavor in both the realm of leaf or roasted bean. But while there are many fine quick brewing kettles available today, few, if any, would warrant notice for their design or technology. The Korean-designed SiDO Bon Kettle stands out as the exception, an IoT electric kettle with its very own Bluetooth-enabled app offering precise temperature control delivered with a pleasing modern aesthetic.

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Available in a pleasant trio of color options – Cherry Blossom Pink, Natural Ivory, and Smoky Gray – the minimalist two-piece design comprises a tall-handled kettle with subtle nozzle designed to produce a gentle pour. An induction power tray for charging and Internet of Things connectivity operate as a slim stand and holder.

A customary cup of coffee or tea comes in around 118ml, which makes the 700ml capacity of the SiDO Bon Kettle capacious enough to serve several drinkers at once… or one very avid coffee drinker.

The SiDO Bon Kettle’s single button design exemplifies the appliance designers’ focus on simplicity, while its compatible SiDO Life app extends features further for those more particular with their coffee or tea desires, allowing an additional level of experimentation with brewing temperatures. The app gives users the ability to adjust the kettle from 40 to 100⁰C, in 5⁰C increments using an easy-to-use app interface.

Unfortunately those outside of Korea are unable to order this attractive and innovative electric kettle design, as the appliance is regionally limited. But with a second SiDO series in the works, one hopes global availability is in the cards for this and any future designs.

Source: design-milk

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