The Elie Chainwalk

Imagine that just getting to your workplace involved scooting along the face of a rock cliff, hanging onto a chain for dear life. Fighting traffic doesn’t seem too bad compared to that! But that’s exactly why the Elie Chainwalk was developed, to help fishermen get to their boats in Fife, Scotland. Maybe they have a road by now, but the chain walk is still there, and Tom Scott tries it out so we don’t have to. It doesn’t look all that difficult going down to the beach. It’s even faster if you let go of the chain! But climbing back up, working against gravity, seems quite a bit harder. And if you let go climbing back up, well, you’ll either have to start over again, or they’ll have to call a helicopter ambulance to come get you.

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The Elie Chainwalk is an optional part of the Fife Coastal Path, and should only be used during low tide.

Source: neatorama

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