The Endless Garbage Bag

Meet the Longopac, a garbage bag that is able to extend its utility while cutting down waste. The bag, created by Swedish company Paxzo, is 410 feet in length. The ‘endless’ part comes from the fact that upon placing the Longopac into a garbage bin, you can fill it up however much you desire and cut it off at the top, tie it shut, and throw it out. Input Magazine has more details: 

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“The bags are manufactured from three-ply polyethylene-low material consumption and [offer] high strength. Independent life cycle analysis shows less than 1/3 koldioxid compared to traditional bags. [The bags are also] lower weight and [their] more compact packing gives less transport cost.”

If you ask us, it looks like a mix between a one-size-fits-any condom in bag form and Saran wrap, and we love it.

Paxxo calls their creation “endlessly clever” and while we can’t vouch for that, it’s definitely a creative spin on the average garbage-bag-and-can setup. Because though we try to only take out the trash when it’s full… sometimes that’s just not feasible. Sometimes we dispose of something foul or food scraps that can’t be composted and will be foul soon enough, and we have to throw the bag out even if’s only half full.

Image via Input Magazine 

Source: neatorama

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