The Epic Saga of the Stuck Bowls

On June 4, Chi Nguyễn washed dishes and found that two ceramic bowls had nested and become stuck together. She tried to get them apart for two days, and then turned to the internet for suggestions. And if there’s one thing that the internet loves to do, it is to give suggestions. Over the next two days and change, Nguyễn tried different ideas and gave regular updates of what hadn’t worked so far. So many people became invested in the challenge of separating the bowls that someone launched a website about it, called Is the Bowl Still Stuck? But while many suggestions were in earnest, the funny ones really stuck out.

Have you tried politely asking the smaller bowl to leave?

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

Fill a tub full of warm (not too hot) water. Hold bowls snug to your chest. Get in the tub (clothes optional). Submerge fully. Close eyes. Take slow, deep breaths. Remain for 10 minutes. After toweling off, it is unlikely that the bowls will separate, but you’ll feel stress-free.

Filled the bowls with prune juice.
Prune juice will gaurentee a bowl movement.

They like attention. As soon as you pretend you don’t care they’ll get bored of this game.
Eat some soup in the inner one, rinse, run through the dishwasher. If they stay together they are more devoted to the prank than is healthy.

Maybe…they don’t *want* to be separated? They are not spooning, but are bowling.

Would it kill you to accept that the bowls are one now and maybe support their relationship?

Give them to a small child.
Tell said child that never, EVER, under any circumstances, on pain-of-death must these two bowls be separated.
Leave the room for 30 seconds.
Return to separated bowls.

It was that piece of advice that finally worked. The bowls are free! However, the smaller bowl suffered a chip sometime over the dozens of attempts.

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A good time was had by all. You can read the entire thread here. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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