The Etsy Design Awards

It seems like just about everything has an award show these days, but while some of these are utterly superfluous, the idea of Etsy starting its own awards only makes sense. After all, Etsy is well known as the most popular marketplace for handmade goods and with that many artists coming up with their own unique creations, it’s only logical to start recognizing some of the most impressive standouts.

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Like most awards shows, the Etsy Design Awards is broken down into categories. In this case, Inventive Decor, which includes the wooden record player up top and this velcro dinosaur wall paper, Signature Style, like this whimsical swimming pool necklace, Festive Celebrations for celebrating special occasions, such as this custom pop-the-question book and this wedding arch made with delightfully oversized flowers, Earth-Friendly, including things like this cute bee hotel, and finally, the Creative Collaborations, which is made up exclusively of custom-order Etsy listings.

The Creative Collaborations one is filled with particularly creative and fun finds, such as AnimalAristocat’scustom renaissance portraits of people’s pets.

You can also immortalize your pet as a ceramic sculpture like these thanks to RyabaVoshCeramics.

If you prefer portraits of people over pets, don’t worry, there are still some award entrants that can help you out there. For example, there are these beautiful paper portraits by the PurplePaperPeople.

The Etsy Design Awards will announce their winners in September, so be sure to come back in a few weeks to see who was officially named the best of the best.

Source: neatorama

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