The "Europabruecke" – World's Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

I used to be afraid of heights so suspension bridges are a bit too high off the ground and shaky for me, which means I’ll probably never take a walk across the “Charles Kuonen” Europabruecke (Europa Bridge) in Randa, Switzerland.

But you’re welcome to check out the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge whenever you’re in Switzerland, and by all means let me know how it felt to walk on a bridge hanging 278 feet above the Grabengufer ravine.

Supposedly there’s quite a nice view of the Matterhorn from the bridge, and it’s part of a hiking route between the towns Zermatt and Grachen, so it’s a convenient way to walk among the Alps.

If you’re a bit shaky about heights like me there’s no need to worry- the Europa Bridge was totally rebuilt before being reopened on July 29th, 2017 and is therefore safer than ever before! I’m still not going anywhere near it, but thanks for asking…

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Source: neatorama

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