The Finalists in the 2022 Pet Comedy Photography Awards

The same guys behing the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards launched another competition in 2020 featuring pets! The entries in this year’s Pet Comedy Photography Awards are in, and the finalists have been selected for 2022. Click to the right on the image above to see more of them. The categories are cat, dog, horse, all other creatures, pets who look like their owners or a celebrity, and the junior photographer category. In addition, they have a video competition. The finalist below, named Rosie, was photographed by Sarah Fiona Helme.

See all 26 finalists in a gallery here. You can vote on these finalists for the People’s Choice Award, which also gets you entered into a sweepstakes drawing. Maybe your vote is what Rosie is begging for! The winners of the Pet Comedy Photography Awards will be announced on September 14. You can see more comedic pets in the other entries at Instagram.  -via Bored Panda 

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Source: neatorama

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