The First Production-Methods-Based Superhero: Captain Extruder

As first-year Industrial Design students in Production Methods 101, the easiest method for us to grasp was extrusion: The professor just said “Play-Doh Fun Factory” and all of us got it. But it wasn’t until well after graduation that I learned the material being extruded was not propelled by a child pressing a lever, but by a rotating screw.

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Manufacturing company US Extruders was founded by Bill Kramer, a longtime engineer who literally wrote the book on single-screw extruders (at least, he wrote the chapter called “Single Screw Extruders” for the Society of Plastic Engineers’ Extruder Technician’s Toolbox). And to spice up their ads, the company has attempted to tap a bit of Marvel magic with the creation of their own superhero, the screw-wielding Captain Extruder:

Okay, so it’s not exactly The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But now that that series has ended, I’m grasping at straws.

Source: core77

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