The First Teaser Trailer for <i>Deadpool & Wolverine</i>

Marvel has been in a slump the last couple of years, producing more and more TV shows and movies with diminishing returns. Yeah, that’s relative. The Marvels was a box-office bomb because it only made $200 million, since the budget was so much higher. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was also a disappointment. Who is going to save Marvel? Why, Deadpool, of course!

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In the first teaser trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds takes on the challenge of saving the MCU single-handedly, although we know from the title that he will have some help. This will be the third Deadpool movie and the 34th in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But didn’t Wolverine die in the 2017 movie Logan? Yes, but this story takes place before that, so he is not being resurrected from the dead. Marvel did not need “saving” back then, but it’s a superhero movie, let’s not let details get in the way of a good time. The trailer itself is irreverent, salacious, and self-aware. Will the R-rated superhero series save Marvel? We will find out when Deadpool & Wolverine opens on July 26. -via Fark

Source: neatorama

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