The Fisherman and His Soul

The Fisherman and His Soul, a picture book by PeiHsin Cho adapted from Oscar Wilde’s tale of the same name.

PeiHsin is a talented visual storyteller hailing from Taiwan and is currently based in London. She specializes in creating captivating illustrations and animations. The artist employs a combination of conventional and digital methods to delve into the potency of visual communication and convey the intricacies of human sentiments. Her artistic oeuvre is characterized by a poetic and gentle approach that covers a diverse array of topics.

“The Fisherman and His Soul” is a picture book that was adapted from Oscar Wilde’s tale with the same title. In a tale of love and sacrifice, a youthful fisherman yearned to be with a mermaid so deeply that he willingly gave up his own soul. For many years, his soul roamed the world alone but would always come back to the shore annually, calling out for the fisherman. The soul tried to entice the fisherman with both good and bad in order to be reunited with him. This story explores the intricate relationship between love, body, and soul, and the complex emotions that come with being human.

Published by Grupo SM, the book is available in Spanish or Mandarin/繁中. Below you can see only a few images from the picture book. For more, please visit PeiHsin Cho’s website or follow this talented illustrator on Instagram.

The Fisherman and his Soul by Oscar Wilde - picture book illustration by PeiHsin Cho

All images © by PeiHsin Cho. Do not hesitate to find more illustration projects on WE AND THE COLOR.

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