The Foods of New Zealand

Jordan Watson of How To Dad tries to explain the foods of New Zealand. Part of the humor here is that these “native” Kiwi staples are just as common in their larger neighbor Australia. I hate to be the one to break the news, but these foods are common all over the world; they are just called by different names. His tomato sauce is our ketchup. His Weet-bix is our Shredded Wheat. And of course, what they call chup dup is what we call chip dip. But it’s what he says at the end that is important.

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We’re like a big melting pot of all different cultures and ethnicities. You could say we’re like a big boil-up pot, just, of all different flavors. And it’s the best blooming’ boil-up I’ve ever seen.  

-via Tastefully Offensive

Source: neatorama

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