The Funniest Superheroes

While superheroes have taken over the biggest movie blockbusters, they still appear in comic books regularly. If you read superhero comics as a kid, but gave them up later, you might be interested in coming back to the fold …if only they weren’t so serious and full of doom and gloom. Here’s a tip: they aren’t. Comic book writers have been incorporating more and more comedy into their superheroes over the years. Some heroes are known for their comedy, while others are just funny enough to lighten the mood in a dark story. And they go way beyond Deadpool and Spider-Man, to include classic characters  that haven’t yet made the big time, new superheroes with a sense of humor, and familiar faces with a funny side you never saw before. They put the “comic” back in comic books! The Daily Dot has a rundown of 13 superheroes with a humorous side, and a guide to begin enjoying them.

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