The Genesis Neolun Concept Emanates Warmth With Seamless Simplicity

The Genesis Neolun Concept Emanates Warmth With Seamless Simplicity

Car designers commonly look far and wide beyond the realm of automotive design for inspiration to shape the silhouette and details of each concept car as blue sky thinking will eventually trickle down to inform commercially viable models tethered to their earthly realm. Fashion, architecture, aeronautical vessels, and science fiction films have all been sources of inspiration inexhaustibly. But the newly revealed Genesis Neolun electric vehicle concept stands alone in its appropriation of traditional earthenware.

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Genesis Neolun Concept SUV parked in a studio setting.

If a Thom Browne suit was ever translated or transformed into an SUV, this is what it might look like. The Neolun’s rearview mirrors are as minuscule as the full size electric SUV’s machined aluminum wheels are prominent.

“The Neolun Concept was inspired by Korea’s iconic moon-shaped porcelain jars,” says Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke. “It’s the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship.”

Known as dalhangari, the Joseon period vessels shaped from pure white porcelain and kaolin clay have been described as an “icon of Korean identity” and have sold for millions among global collectors for their deceptive simplicity. The luxury Korean automaker hopes to evoke a similar appreciation for meditative minimalist beauty expressed across the Neolun concept’s silhouette – one that looks equally reductive, yet refined – with a subtle softness contrasted by the precise linear detail extending across the front two-line headlights and continued onto the SUV’s brake lights.

Open coach door view of the Genesis Neolun Concept SUV showcasing its interior design and layout.

Integrated electric steps drop closer to the ground across the entire length of the Neolun’s B-pillarless coach doors, allowing for elegant entry or egress.

In keeping with the traditional Korean influences, the Neolun’s warm and inviting interior is equipped with a modern day interpretation of “ondol,” radiant heated floors tasked to keep traditional Korean homes warm through colder months. The automotive equivalent is realized with an application of heating films applied to the dashboard, door trims, floor, seat-backs, and console sides to swaddle passengers in warmth. The Neolun’s floors are finished in real wood to complete the interior architecture effect.

Interior of the Genesis Neolun Concept SUV highlighting a futuristic steering wheel and a widescreen dashboard display.

Draped in “Royal Indigo” cashmere and naturally dyed, organic “Purple Silk” leather, the luxurious deep hued interior emotes a royal lineage as much as its enormous roll-up 24.6-inch adjustable display (rear passengers also have their own smaller screens that unfold from the Neolun’s ceiling). These amenities represent the expectations of modern luxury vehicles today.

Luxury vehicle interior showcasing plush purple swivel seating with modern design elements of the Genesis Neolun Concept SUV.

The Neolun Concept’s two-tone combination of “Midnight Black” and “Majestic Blue” were chosen to represent Korea’s night sky while accentuating the vehicle’s spacious interiors and swiveling front row seats for those “can we have a talk” moments.

The Neolun Concept’s audio system features an advanced “sound architecture” with optimally positioned tweeters, midrange speakers, woofers, and subwoofers to immerse passengers in concert hall-like sound. To further this symphony for the senses, once the speakers are activated, a crystal sphere dash centerpiece rotates from crown jewel into an active tweeter.

Car infotainment system controls in the Genesis Neolun Concept SUV, with a stadium background visible through the car window.

Similar to the mesmerizing and novel shifter Crystal Sphere within the Genesis GV60, the Neolun concept hosts its own precious stone centerpiece. When speakers are activated, the crystal sphere rotates and transforms into a tweeter.

A sleek Genesis Neolun Concept SUV parked by a reflective water covered surface at dusk.

The Genesis Neolun concept is first and foremost a show car, so it won’t make it into production in this current state of “futuristic innovation and Korean hospitality” intended to wow and drum up interest. But noting Genesis will likely bring out their own elevated specs and luxurious finish version to compete with the already available Kia EV9, we won’t be surprised if the eventual production model will look remarkably similar to this new moon mobile.

Source: design-milk

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