The Goose Family Odyssey

A pair of Canada geese built a nest on the grassy third-story ledge of National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, DC. They laid six eggs, and the mother goose stayed with them while the father stood apart, keeping guard. Of course, National Geographic set up a streaming nest-cam. All six eggs hatched on Saturday. But a third-story ledge is not safe for goslings. The initial scheme was to lower the goslings down the side of the building in a bucket, but the parents were having none of that. Instead, DC Wildlife came Monday and escorted the entire family through the building, down hallways, into the elevator, through the turnstiles, and into the courtyard fountain.   

On Tuesday, the same carrier was used to walk the geese a mile away to Constitution Gardens, where they have a real pond to swim in. You can follow the goose family’s journey through a series of videos in this Twitter thread. -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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