The Gorgeous Vala Recliner Doesn't Look Like a Recliner

It’s hard to believe that something this ugly…

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…resides within something this attractive:

That’s the Vala Recliner, a chair that manages to not look like a recliner, artfully. (Others have attempted this feat and had mixed results.) It was designed for DWR by NYC-based industrial design studio Atlason.

There’s no lever; instead you use your body to push back on the backrest, then “the shapes pull apart forming a composition of floating shapes,” Atlason writes.

“A full-scale 3D model was created to visualize the placement of individual components and parts that would bolt into a central skeleton structure. So as to ensure the inner reclining mechanism was fully masked, and the floating forms moved as intended.”

“Full scale 3D prints of the Vala Recliner’s components allowed Atlason to evaluate the ideal positioning of each element around the mechanisms.”

“Traditionally, recliners have been associated with older consumers and unhealthy habits; extensive TV watching, beer and lethargy,” Atlason judge-ily writes. Hey, take it easy! Why you taking shots?

Source: core77

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