The Grave of Lady Anne Grimston

Anne Grimston was a wealthy women, the daughter of an Earl, and lived and died in Hertfordshire, England over 300 years ago. Yet it was what happened after her death that made her more famous than anything that happened in her lifetime.

Throughout much of her life, Lady Anne scoffed at the notion of a Higher Power and the possibility of life after death. But, although she was known to her friends as a staunch atheist, she prided herself on keeping up appearances, and so, every Sunday, she dutifully attended church services in St. Albans.

It is unclear what happened to Lady Anne to make her lose her faith, but records show that both of her children died at an early age; her son, Edward, died in infancy while a daughter, Mary, died at the age of nine. At any rate, when Anne grew old and her friends attempted to comfort her with talk of the hereafter, the dying woman is said to have declared: “I shall not live again. It is as unlikely that I shall live again as that a tree will grow out of my body.”

And, as fate would have it, that is exactly what happened.

Read the story of what happened at Lady Anne Grimston’s final resting place at Journal of the Bizarre. -via Strange Company

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