The Gravity Cube Click Clock Eliminates Fumbling in the Dark

The Gravity Cube Click Clock Eliminates Fumbling in the Dark

UK-based Gingko, which was founded in 2011 by husband-and-wife duo Paul and Natalie Sun, brings their love of innovative electronics to their collection of well-made, functional products that are fun to use and show off. One of our favorites, the Gravity Cube Click Clock, is a minimalist alarm clock that makes getting up in the morning not so bad. If you want to snooze, just touch the top of the cube and if you’re ready to turn the alarm off, just turn the clock over onto any side. Both scenarios mean you won’t be fumbling in the dark trying to find the snooze or off button when you’re still half asleep. At a compact 3″ x 3″ x 3″ size, the clock takes up little real estate on your bedside table and its sleek rubberized finish makes it soft to the touch.

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The Gravity Cube Click Clock is outfitted with sound activated LED display technology which means it will alternate through the time, date, and temperature simply by snapping your fingers or clapping your hands. You can also set the display to just show the time instead of alternating through. During the night if you want to check the time, gently tap your bedside table or snap your fingers and the time will pop up for you. The clock also automatically dims between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

>>> The Gravity Cube Click Clock sells for $40 and is available in six fun colors, including Black, Orange, Purple, Green, Skyblue, and Teal, in the Design Milk Shop here! <<<

Through September, we are donating 1% of the Design Milk Shop sales to The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Click here to read the Design Milk Mission for our commitment to donations, diversity, equity, + anti-racism action.

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