The Great Glass Slab at Beth Shearim

In a cave adjacent to an ancient cemetery near Beit She'arim, an old Jewish town in northern Israel, there lies a huge slab of glass approximately 6.5 feet wide, 11 feet long and 18 inches thick. It weighs 9 tons. Although chemical analysis confirm it’s glass, the slab doesn’t look anything like the delicate, translucent material. Rather, it looks like a large block of limestone, for it is completely opaque and bluish-gray.

When the slab was discovered in the 1960s during an exploration of the cave, workers thought it was concrete. An attempt was made to dislodge the slab, but the slab was too heavy for the bulldozer. So the slab was left where it was and the surrounding area was paved, for they were building a museum inside the cave.

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The Great Glass Slab at Beth Shearim

The Great Glass Slab at Beth She’arim.


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