The Great Yarmouth Suspension Bridge Collapse of 1845

The year was 1845 and the Cooke's Royal Circus was in town. All of Great Yarmouth was brimming with excitement. The Cooke’s Royal Circus was a prominent traveling show that traces its origin back to the 1780s in Scotland under the leadership of Thomas Cooke. As the 19th century unfolded, the performing troupe journeyed extensively across Scotland and England, making stops in both major cities and smaller locales. While their expertise encompassed various disciplines like equestrian performances, numerous circus members displayed talents as acrobats, strongmen, and contortionists. At Great Yarmouth, the Cooke's Royal Circus promised a new trick—a clown named Arthur Nelson would sail up the River Bure in a washtub pulled by four geese.

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Depiction of the collapse of the bridge in the “Illustrated London News”.


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