The Grid Game: A Game Made For Designers

The Grid Game: A Game Made For Designers

With our heavy reliance on technology and apps to entertain us, Estudio Victor Aleman (EVA), wanted to create something that would harken back to the analog days. To create something that brought back those moments when people would spend time together playing with physical objects, rather than sitting together, but all staring separately at a phone.

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As a result, they spent three years designing The Grid Game, which combines classic gaming, mathematics, and design inspiration from Dieter Rams. The game takes inspiration from Dominoes, where both have simple rules, universal familiarity, and use of math as its base. Then, it was redesigned following the Dieter Rams principles.

The Grid Game was the final, colorful result. Though it’s not exclusively for designers, its very nature resonates best with designers and creatives. It can have up to 11 players, and can also act as table decor. It’s easy to play— doesn’t require a lot of time to explain, and creates a mesmerizing look while being played.

Source: design-milk

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