The headphones from heaven

The newly released Orpheus model was unveiled by Sennheiser in 2015. Before the new Orpheus, Sennheiser crafted two models of Orpheus in 1991 which were electrostatic.These older models created sound via a 500-volt amplifier tube along with two platinum-vaporized diaphragms that move back and forth between gold-vaporized glass electrodes. Only 300 of those models were made.

Now, the new Orpheus model has 6,000 parts and has a range of frequency from 8 Hertz to 1000 kilo Hertz. These new Orpheus headphones now use gold-vaporized ceramic transducers, along with vacuum tubes coated in quartz bulbs, and silver-plated copper cables.

Created by a team of three visionaries, Professor Dr. Jörg Sennheiser, Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, and Daniel Sennheiser, and thirty engineers over six years, this audio system is like nothing before.



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