The Heineken Sub chills your beer for optimal enjoyment

For die-hard lager drinkers the mild temperature of a refrigerator just wont cut it.  These beer connoisseurs need their tasty treat ice-cold and Heineken aims to deliver the optimal temperature experience with their new product. The Heineken Sub is a mini-keg chiller that keeps your beer at a perfect 35.6º F.  

If astronauts drank beer in outer space, this is the futuristic object they would pour from. The Sub is made specifically to fit a beer canister called a Torp, which slides tightly inside an air-locked anodized aluminum cooling cylinder. One Torp holds eight beers with 15-days of freshness after opening.  The cooler and all it’s accessories will be available on The Sub’s website, here, and goes on sale to France and Italy in 2014. Cheers! 

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 heineken sub

heineken sub

Heineken Sub Torp



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