The Honest Truth About College Sports

It’s March Madness time, when college sports outshine everything else, so how about an Honest Ad for the NCAA? This video puts the sponsor message at the beginning, so you can skip to 1:12 to see the skit. Then Roger Horton does his thing exposing the seedy underbelly of the exploitation of the student athlete. The NCAA is the NPAA here, for obvious reasons. The controversy about “amateur athletes” in the Olympics was that some countries followed the rules while others didn’t, and we eventually had to change the rules to make the competition more fair. For college athletics, the problem is that everyone in the business makes oodles of money, from coaches to administrators to TV networks to bookies to scalpers to hotels, everyone except for the college players who actually do the work to make the system worth watching. For them, college sports is like an unpaid internship, where their future is a gamble and they might or might not have time to actually earn a degree. This video contains NSFW language.

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Source: neatorama

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