The Horror Game With Real Consequences

Games usually do their best to fully immerse their players into the worlds they’ve built to encourage further gameplay. Some do this by allowing players to make significant choices and allow them to change a few aspects of the narrative. 

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Now, this kind of “your choices matter” mechanic is usually hit or miss. Some games just put choices for the sake of mechanically allowing players to pick, but do not actually fully implement the weight of their choices during playtime. Which is sad. 

This horror game, however, makes sure to show the consequences of their choices. Meet Weird West, a top-down immersive sim developed by WolfEye Studios. A simple example of this is how the game gives you expiration dates on quests. But quest deadlines aren’t a new thing, right? 

Well, this game shows you how your choices to fulfill a quest or not affect your traversal in the fictional world of Weird West, as Kotaku’s Sisi Jiang describes, “Sure, I could restore my health by sleeping in a bed, but then I would be off-schedule by eight hours. Or if I took the easy way out of a quest, my reputation could take a hit for unscrupulous behavior, and life-saving supplies would cost more as a result.”

Image credit: Devolver Digital

Source: neatorama

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