The Horror of Literally Eating Three Square Meals

Ellis Brooks tells us about an accidental experiment with “dystopian food units.” What he means is food that comes in shapes, colors, and/or textures that we aren’t used to. A buddy gave him some ready-made meals from a delivery service that turned out to resemble astronaut food. A meal of salmon, sweet potato, and asparagus came in six squares in shrink-wrapped plastic. They are packaged that way for portability and ease of cooking, but also to control portions and ingredients. Brooks did not enjoy them.

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It was like eating a sad, square-shaped memory of what food once was.

This might remind you of a certain dystopian movie that imagined what eating would be like in the year 2022. Brooks stayed with the packaged food for 24 hours to give it a chance, but ended up eating salad and licking maple syrup off a plate. Read his adventures with real but super-processed square food at OneZero. -via Kottke

(Image: Ellis Brooks)

Source: neatorama

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