The Hungarian Angel Makers

The small, quiet, Hungarian village of Nagyrev had no doctor or clinic or even a midwife. In 1911, Zsuzsanna Fazekas arrived and offered midwife services, and so she became the village’s only medical practitioner. No one knew much about her, but she ministered to the women of Nagyrev for years, and gained their trust. Fazekas listened to their problems with their husbands, and she knew how to perform abortions. In a time and place in which marriages were arranged and divorce was almost impossible, she could help the women of Nagyrev with a supply of arsenic.

Fazekas’ reputation quietly spread until women from the surrounding villages began coming to seek her advice. When Fazekas’ activities came to the attention of authorities in 1929, the extent of her crimes was astonishing. There may have been as many as 300 deaths. Read about Zsuzsanna Fazekas and the Angel Makers of Nagyrev at Amusing Planet.

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Source: neatorama

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