The Infinitely-Adjustable Ring-Light-Like Poise Lamp

This series of lamps look like they might be finicky to adjust, but they do demonstrate an interesting use of materials. Poise, by Nuremberg-based lighting designer Robert Dabi, is a line of lamps with a simple adjustment method:

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“The steel pole smoothly transitions from bottom plate into a bent frame that holds a big but very thin & light spotless LED ring. The unique feature is a flexible section (constructed using a gooseneck layered with silicon and black woven nylon) between frame and pole, which allows the ring to be moved to any position. It is constructed with stability in mind: heavy lower steel parts and top aluminium parts sum up to about 2,5 kg of weight.”

“The light ring is located approximately at grip height when standing up. It can be grabbed at the area of the frame and moved freely. From a visual impression, it can look like the ring is being caught, dropped or flung by the frame, depending on which direction it leans to. The involvement of a wall also comes into consideration, when it is placed parallel or against it. Each position creates a unique light appearance.”

There is also a ceiling-mounted version.

Both versions are in production by Italian lighting brand KDLN.

Source: core77

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