The Internet Is Furious With This Dad Who Is Making His Daughter Do Chores To Repay Him For Buying Her Menstrual Products

How some people react to the fact that women menstruate can sometimes make you think that we’re living in the Dark Ages. And one dad took the cake when it came to making the internet lose it with how backward his thinking is.

A dad asked the ‘AITA’ community over on Reddit if he was in the wrong for making his daughter do extra chores because he has to “spend extra” on her each month because of her periods. Let me repeat that: this dad makes his teenage daughter do chores as a way to ‘pay him back’ because he spends additional money each month on her because of her biology.

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You’ll find the dad’s full post below, dear Pandas. Spoiler warning: it’s so unfair, you might just spend a minute or two staring blankly at the screen, wondering how people like this can exist.

A dad infuriated the internet when he shared how he makes his daughter do chores around the house in exchange for menstrual products

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What adds an extra layer of unfairness to the whole circus of a situation is that this dad doesn’t make his son do any chores. Even though he spends a ton of extra money on his son’s extracurricular activities.

The dad has an overly pragmatic, utilitarian, and you could say even robotic view of his family members: he looks at his relationship with them in purely economic terms. He believes that his son has a better chance of getting a college scholarship, so he invests more money into him and doesn’t want him to ‘waste’ his time doing chores.

Meanwhile, he thinks that his daughter’s extracurricular activities are “just a hobby” and he doesn’t think that they’ll go anywhere.

What’s more, when his daughter rebelled and said that she won’t be doing any chores anymore because it isn’t fair, her dad called her a brat, causing her to run away and live with her aunt. The dad was furious that his siblings were “coddling her” and supporting her.

Reddit was furious with the entire situation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking your kids to pitch in around the house, but to make it conditional and withholding menstruation products is just downright wrong. One redditor hit the nail on the head when they said that the father was “pink taxing” his daughter’s entire existence and turned her into an indentured servant.

Period-shaming, unfortunately, is far more common than you’d think the modern world would allow for. For instance, one study found that a whopping 42 percent of American women have experienced period-shaming while 58 percent said that they felt embarrassed for even being on their period at all. It’s a natural part of life, but how some parts of society react to it is devastating.

Here’s how people reacted to the story. Like you probably expected, people were dumbstruck by the unfairness of it all

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