The Intersection of Design and Food, 2021

Perhaps because the pandemic left so many of us confined to our kitchens, this year we saw more [email protected] stories than ever. Here’s what culinary-minded designers served up in 2021:

Turkish design for a tunnel-like toaster to handle long slices

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A German BBQ grill with a unique rotating mechanism

The 3D-printed Pellet Pal for BBQ smokers

Lots of small, thoughtful design touches in these Latchlok food containers

Product designer Cairn Young’s nesting cutlery

The Bora X Pure downward-extracting induction cooktop

A cool mechanical jelly donut filling device

Guerilla Kitchen: A low-cost, compact, modular alternative to food trucks

Obsessive Chef Cutting Boards for precision cuts and geometry

New pasta shape designed to excel in three performance areas

Make your own candy shapes by burning sugar with a magnifying glass

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Industrial Design students from Munich U. create a portable pizza oven

A twist on the barbecue: Everyone cooks their food inside their own brick

The Spark Grill, a designey barbecue combining the best of charcoal and gas cooking

Wasara: Designey, compostable disposable plates from Japan

Paolo Stefano Gentile’s ecological french fries packaging, made from potato peels

A freestanding spreading knife that suspends the mess

Fiskars’ designey take on the chef’s knife

Inclusive Industrial Design student’s invention makes cooking easier for the disabled

A coffee scoop that doubles as a clip for the bag

ID firm designs molded, edible low-carb bun substitute

Cardbox Packaging’s Karlo Spoon: Flatpack, single-use, recyclable

Cleverly designed cup and saucer reflects an animation as you turn it

“Anti-Gluttony Door” sized to prevent monks from eating too much

Image: Inazumaryoku

Source: core77

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