The <i>Star Wars</i> Fan Test

Don’t you just hate when fans try to one-up each other? They call it gatekeeping. You can’t be a real fan unless you know as much about Star Wars (or any other fandom) as I do! It’s not a competition; it’s supposed to be something we can enjoy. Yeah, this can apply to any fandom, but Star Wars is notorious for having way too many fans that not only hate other fans, but hate Star Wars itself.

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This skit starts out angering us for just that. Rowan considers himself a knowledgeable and therefore “real” Star Wars fan, and he wants Ellie to admit she isn’t a “real” fan because she can’t possibly know what she needs to know everything about Star Wars. Then it’s funny, because it’s carried to a ridiculous degree. Then there’s a twist. You don’t want to miss it, in this skit from Viva La Dirt League. I know there’s an old adage that applies here; probably several of them. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Source: neatorama

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